Elected Officials

Ralph Munro, Secretary of State, 1980-2001

Kim Wyman, Secretary of State, 2012- Present

Judicial Endorsements

Honorable Debra Hayes

Honorable Tracy Staab

Honorable Mary Logan

Honorable Donna Wilson

Honorable Patti Connolly Walker

Honorable Aimee Maurer

Retired Honorable Linda Tompkins

Lawyer Endorsements

Lynden Rasmussen

Mike Ormsby, Spokane City Attorney

Justin Bingham, Spokane City Prosecutor

Kristin O'Sullivan, Spokane Chief Assistant City Prosecutor

Tom Krzyminski, Spokane County Public Defender

Anna Kryminski-Hostetler

David Hamlin

Timothy Fischer

Kevin Curtis

Lisa Malpass

Pat Cronin

Connie Powell

Kathleen Paukert

Kelly Konkright

Aaron Wilson

Alison McPeek

Haley Day

Mark Lorenz

Brooks Clemmons

Pete March

David Miller

Tony Tompkins

Francis Adewale

Gloria Porter

Colin  Charbonneau

David Partovi

Bob King

Thad O'Sullivan

Anthony Martinez

Anna Cutler

Angie Hayes

Shelley Ripley

Michiko Fjeld

Brian Raymon

Kevin Lathim

Personal Endorsements

Regina Malveax- CEO YWCA of Spokane

Autumn Reed- President NOW Spokane Chapter

Kay McGlocklin- Preferred Labor Signs

Cindy Jones, Spokane Sheriff Ret.

Catherine Cronin, Comm. Manager Inland Power and Light

Jay Vela- Director of Coaching, FC Spokane

Shea Swoboda- Director of Coaching, Eastern WA Surf FC

Stephen Brown- President, Eastern WA Surf FC

Jerry Cardenas- Director of Coaching, Eastern Wa Surf FC

Mahmoud Darban- FC Spokane

David Lange, Perry Street Brewing

Reema Shaver

Edward Anderson

Tom and Vicki Nisbet

Jerome and Madora Parmentier

Business Endorsements

Jitterz Java

Overbluff Cellars

Coulter Family Dentistry

TT's Old Iron Brewery

Falco's Spokane

Pool World Spokane

Bistango Martini Bar

La Plaza de Mexico

Rancho Chico, Northwest Blvd.

Higher Ground Espresso

The Store on Thor

Palouse Brew House

Big Barn Brewery

Bean Stalk Espresso

Lighthouse Import Parts

Union Endorsements

AFSCME Local 270PA

Other Endorsements


*** This list is not exhaustive, we meet new people every day, we are seeking 70,000 endorsements county wide, if you do not see your name here and wish to be included, please email us at lyndenforjudge@gmail.com